Dallas Sweetheart Trail
North Park Mall

Walk registration at Sports Authority.

Ornamental Purple Cabbages outside North Park Mall.

More Ornamental Cabbages.

Large Leaping Hare, 1982 by Barry Flanagan.

Cactus beds.

River Song, 2012 Anthony Caro.
Clouds, 2012 by Anthony Caro.

Near You, 2011 by Sarah Braman.
A Surrounded Figure,1983 by Mimmo Paladino.

The Field of the Cloth of Gold, 1988 by Jim Dine.

Ad Astra, 2005 by Mark di Suvero.

Rediscovered King, 1987 by Alain Kirili.

Reclining Figure: Angles, 1979 by Henry Moore.

20 Elements, 2005 by Joel Shapiro.
1950 Harley Davidson, not exactly artwork but still nice to look at.

Untitled, 1986 by Joel Shapiro.

One of several fountains in the mall.

Could these be orchids?

Three Places, 1983 by Antony Gormley.

Companions, 2008 by Tony Cragg.

Buckyball, 2015 by Leo Villareal.

Comfortable place to rest next to the Buckyball.

The World Turned Outside In, 2003 by Anish Kapoor.

Five Hammering Men, 1982 by Jonathan Borofsky.

Helen working checkpoint.

Chattering Man Looking UP, 1983 by Jonathan Borofsky.

White Flying Figure with Numbers, 1984 by Jonathan Borofsky.

Diamond Sea, 2007 by Leo Villareal.

Carol, Bill and Marilyn.

Thanks Marilyn for this picture of Carol and I.