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College Station Volksmarching Event

Due to heat we did the 5K Version of the Four Parks YRE. It was 80 degrees when we started at 7:45. It was 87 when we finished. Since we did the 5K we only walked to and around Wolf Pen Park. It was a nice urban hiking event.

Heading out on the trail.

After the 11K and 5K routes split we passed this art museum.

These are abstract sculptures at the museum.

Wolf Pen Park.

Pavilion at the entrance.

ED and an information board.

View of the trail.

A picnic area.

View of the creek that runs through the park.

Trumpet vines decorate the park.

Ed on one of the bridges.

Wilderness Awakened sculpted by J. Payne Lara
decorated another park entrance.

Back of the amphitheater.

Ed and a design in the cement walk.

View from the amphitheater.

Stage area of the amphitheater.