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Year Round Walking Event in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA
Alki Year Round Event

Seattle skyline from Salty's Restaurant.

Fish wrapped in lights outside Salty's.

Ceramic artwork of the skyline.

In 1907 a saltwater natatorium was built at this location. Housed in a large
airy building it remained in use until 1931 when it burned down.

A 4400 pound anchor from an unknown sailing vessel recovered from
the waters of Elliot Bay in Seattle.

Memorial erected in 1973 to the wreck that occurred on November 18, 1906,
approximately two miles due West of this site. The steamer Dix, while
traversing from Seattle to Point Blakley, collided with the Alaska steamer,
Jeanie. Forty-two persons died.

I originally thought this was one house, but it is two houses very close together.

Ed at Alki Beach, which was the movie location for the beach scene
in “Sleepless in Seattle”.

The street corner where Meg Ryan got out of her car and hid to watch
them playing on the beach.

We left the beach and walked into the residential areas. I saw these ceramic
pictures on an elementary school.

We saw several of these beautiful trees with pink and white blossoms.

"Intertidal World".

We are now back at the beach.

Nice house facing the beach.

We walked along the water where there were astronomy signs in the sidewalk.

Mural on a retaining wall.

The plaque on this monument says this rock was brought here from Plymouth
Rock by the First Transcontinental Motorized Caravan in 1926.

From the plaque on the base: ” The sea scouts and boy scout troops of Seattle
erected our “Little Sister of Liberty” here at Alki beach in 1952 as part of a
national campaign to recognize the 40th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of
America. This campaign, led by Jack Whttaker, a Kansas City scout leader,
encouraged scouts across the US. to place these statues in their communities as
an important reminder of the value of liberty and freedom cherished by all.
Between 1948 and 1952, more than 200 replicas, which are 1/18 the size of the
original in New York harbor, were placed in 39 states and four American

“Sentinels of the Sound” by Georgia Gerber.

We are headed back toward the start.

More of a water view of the same area.

Had to stop on the way back to the start to take a picture with the Space Needle.

We walked past a wood shop where this totem was on display.

I’m only guessing, but I think that is Mount Rainier.

The walk directions had mentioned a lighthouse, and we didn’t see
it. So we drove back to try and find it. This is it, but you can’t see it
from the walk route. It wasn’t open so this is the best picture I could


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