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19th Annual AVA Convention Event in Silverton, OR

Silver Falls State Park
13K AVA Convention Event

Bonnie and Helen were working the registration table.

Brooke was working the start table.

WPA constructed South Falls Lodge.

Ed, Carol and Joanne at the top of the first falls

First view of the falls.

Debra took our picture by the first falls.

Line of walkers headed under the falls.

Dave and Debra under the falls.

Taking pictures under the falls.

View of Silver Creek.

Susan coming down the first of many set of steps.

First view of the Second Falls.

Ed on the trail.

Heading under the falls.

Side view of the falls.

Walkers across the gorge climbing up a switchback.

Clay catching up with us.

Just a view of the trail.

Moss covered branches along the trail.

Carol under a rainbow tree.

Another view of Silver Creek.

Walkers coming up behind us.

Third falls.

Same falls.

Walkers viewing the falls.

Fourth falls.

Fifth falls didn't have a good view.

Sixth Falls.

Another view of same falls.

Carol and Ed under a fern bank.
Mossy rocks in a feeder stream.

Another view of the trail.

Walker coming up behind us.

Island in the stream.

Interesting tree.

Seventh Waterfall.

No longer sure if this is the same waterfall or the next one.

Blooming rock.

Another waterfall.

Walkers under the falls.

Another try for the walkers ahead.

Side view of same falls.

Falls from underneath.

Carol resting on the steps up.

Walkers coming up the steps behind us.

The Optional Waterfall.

Our only wildlife sighting was this small mouse on the trail.

CCC built retaining wall.

View of the trail.

Trail through the trees.

Another trail view.

Wall at Winter Falls, you couldn't see them from here.


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