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19th Annual AVA Convention Event in Salem, OR

Salem, OR
AVA Convention Event

We saw Ed Hainline (Trailmaster for Oregon Trail State Volkssport Association)
again. Congratulations to him and all the people who created these nice
Convention walks for all of us. Job well done!

This Italianate style bank building was constructed in 1868 to house the
Ladd & Bush Bank. The bank opened on March 29, 1869.

Bronze Carousel horse sculpture located near the Riverfront Park Carousel.
The carousel itself wasn't open when we walked by.

In 1986 the City of Salem purchased the property that was to become Riverfront
Park. Among the items remaining were a 25-foot stainless steel ball once filled
with acid, used to turn wood into pulp. A citizens group proposed that instead
of recycling the steel ball, it be used for an art project at the park. And so
the globe was born.

Amphitheater in Riverfront Park.

Willamette Queen gives tours daily.

Statue of Tom McCall, who served as Governor of Oregon from 1967-75.

Sculpture of young girl in front of the Gilbert House (children’s museum).

Fountain with capitol in background.

Oregon State Capitol building topped by a golden lumberjack.

Walkers headed toward the State Library (circa 1939).

Carving of a pioneer family with their covered wagon to the right of the capitol entrance.

Carving of Lewis & Clark with Sacagawea to the left of the capitol entrance.

Looking up into the capitol dome.

Oregon State seal on the capitol floor is also a compass rose.

Waller Hall, oldest building on the campus of Willamette University.

Sequoia Trees on the Willamette University Campus.

If you stand in the middle of the 5 trees and look up you see a star.

“Town and Gown” by Mark Sponenburgh created 1991.

Built in 1908, Eaton Hall is a late Gothic Revival style structure at Willamette University.

Oregon State Supreme Court bldg., completed 1914.

Gatke Hall was built in 1903 as a post office. In 1937 it was moved to Willamette University.

Elaine, Ed and Catherine.

Sample of the roses we saw.

Mill was built circa 1896. Now it is a museum.

Busy bees in the flowers.

Volksmarchers coming along behind us

Flower garden at Deepwood Estates.

Ed in the garden.

More pretty flowers.

Volksmarchers approaching Deepwood Mansion.

Deepwood Mansion is a fully restored Queen Anne style home from 1894.

Gazebo in the Deepwood garden.

“Guidance of Youth” by Avard Fairbanks created 1958.

Seal on the back of the statue.

Bush Pasture Park.

Cow and Cat sculpture at Bush Pasture Park.

Bronze Rooster near the Bush House.

Asahel Bush House at Bush Pasture Park.

Italiante style house was built 1877-1878.

House is now a museum.

Great Blue Heron Sculpture in pool at Salem City Hall.

Waterfall near City Hall.

Avenging Angel “Cien Años” by Devin Laurence Field
at the Salem Convention Center.

We passed Dee, Betty and another volksmarcher as we left the finish.


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