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19th Annual AVA Convention Event in Eugene, OR

Eugene, OR
AVA Convention Event

Geese feeding by the pond.

Sculpture along the path.

Carol on the trail.

University of Oregeon Stadium.

View of the trail.

Willamette River.

We crossed over via a nice footbridge.

Landscaping near the RR tracks.

Part of a mural at the farmers garden.

Other half of the mural.

This gargoyle-like sculpture of Scottish physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, is
located at the second story level on the south facing wall of Willamette Hall.

Johnson Hall, erected in 1915, is located at the center
of the University of Oregon campus.

“The Pioneer” – artist, Alex Proctor, donated to University in 1919.

Museum of Art building on the campus.

“The Family Group” by John Geise.

Interesting house.

Walkers coming along behind us.

We’ve arrived at the Rhododendron Gardens.

Volksmarchers climbing the hill up to the Garden.

More Volksmarchers climbing up to the Garden.

Bonnie and Helen.

Ed pointed out this deer wandering in the garden.

Old church is now an Art Center and Gallery.

Wolf gargoyle is located at the entrance to the University of Oregon
Museum of Natural History.

This Salmon gargoyle is located in the court yard.

There is also a Raven gargoyle is located here.

Also a bear gargoyle.

And a replica of the Willamette Meteorite.

One final gargoyle which I think is an Eagle.

A very large fountain.

Frank and Phyllis.

Sweet Peas.

Ed, Elaine and Ellen.

Ed on the trail to the finish.


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