The Colony,TX
World Walking Day

The IVV declared May 8th as World Walk Day and The Plano Walking Club hosted this special event to celebrate this special occasion.


Evelyn working walk registration at the pavilion in Ridgepointe Park.

Maggie – Plano Walking Club President.

Walkers on the trail ahead of us.

Ed and Carol on the first bridge crossing.


Walkers gathered around the checkpoint.

Gary and Connie.

Keith and Anne – Checkpoint volunteers.

Nice fountain in the lake.

Bright splash of colorful flowers.

Marina in the distance and the trail curves.

I was looking for a place to hide a letterbox with a toadstool stamp
and I found the real thing. I didn’t leave the letterbox here though.

11K Turn around. We retraced our steps back to the start.

Memorial Sundial to Keith Helms, the man who oversaw
the construction of The Colony Shoreline Trail.
He passed away in 2014.

One of the many houses bordering the trail.

There was a big Heron wading on the edge of the lake, but
he was too quick for me. He flew away as I took the picture.

This rabbit was more accommodating. He posed nicely for a picture.

Thistles lined the trail here.

Footprints on the trail show we had lots
of walkers out for “World Walking Day”.

Turtle hiding in plain sight along the trail.

Walkers gathered at the finish.