Fort Parker State Park Volksmarch

Walk registration was at pavilion right next to the lake.

Ed registering for event.

Walk heads out across the lagoon on a pontoon bridge.

Pretty reeds.

Ed on the trail through the woods.

Appears to be wild pigs tearing up the ground.
We never heard or saw any.
Just a view of the trail.

Pretty wildflowers in abundance.
Historical marker for the cemetery.

Carol posed in the Bluebonnets for me.

Overlook at the edge of the dame on the Navasota River.

Looking back as we continued on gave us a better view.

Dave and Regina caught and passed us on the trail.

Just one of the many obstacles we had to cross.

Indian Paintbrush.

View of the dam from a bridge downriver.

Walking along the edge of the lake.

Downhill to a bridge crossing.

View from the bridge. You can't tell
there is a drop off at the end of the rocks.

Looking back you can see the drop off with just a trickle of water.

Turn around point.

This is the uphill from the bridge crossing.

The bridge over the river.

Historical marker at the Ranger Station.

Walking through the Bluebonnets.