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Longview, TX YRE Event

A memorial on the front lawn of the Longview Police
Department honoring officers who lost their lives in
the line of duty.

Longview Public Library

Walking down Cotton Street.

Lewis - Bivins House circa 1895.

First Baptist Church.

Art in a pocket park that reminded us of “pick up sticks”.

Interesting Historical Marker.

Gregg County Historical Museum. Built in 1910 to house
the Citizens National Bank, this structure is the only
example of classical revival architecture in Longview.

Crochet decorated lamp post.

WPA built Post Office.

WPA mural inside the post office.

First United Methodist Church.

We peeked inside. Note the pipe organ behind the pulpit.

Greenwood Cemetery.

Tree had tried to eat the fence.



Band Stand with mural in Teague Park.

Teague family graveyard in Teague park. Although they had
10 children, they have no living descendants today.

Pond in Teague Park.

One of several veteran’s memorial under construction in Teague park.

Turtles sunning themselves in the pond.

Merchant Marine Marker.

US Navy Marker

The Walk left the park and continued into the Nuggett residential area which is on the National Register of Historic Districts. The first pictures are of just one house and the yard around it.

The neighboring houses while impressive didn't have the yards that the first one had.

We left the Nuggett district and came to the
First Christian Church

Trinity Episcopal Church.

Confederate Monument on the Courthouse Lawn.

Gregg County has had three courthouses: 1879, 1897 and 1932.
This current one was built by the WPA.

A more modern war memorial.

“Bodie Park”, named after one of Longview's mayors, G. A. “Bodie” Bodenheim