Kilgore Event




We passed the WPA constructed Library on the way to the start.

We parked in front of this oil drilling display.

Walk registration was set up under this bandstand.

Closeup of the activity there.

First Baptist Church

Small park we detoured to.

Joe Roughneck has become the symbol of determination
of the American petroleum industry worker, reaffirming the
indomitable spirit of Chief Roughnecks the world over, past,
present, and future. This is the third rendition of this bust.

Sherry was walking wih us.

Monument in the park.

Strong winds have the flags blowing straight out.
A few of the many oil derricks.

Ed, Sherry and Carol on the trail.

Shell Oil Memorial.

Train Town USA.

Other end of the railroad depot.

Post Office built in 1937.

The Texan opened in 1942. After years
of being closed it opened in 2110 as a live venue for bands.

Sidewalk in front of the Texan is covered with horse shoes and names.

1931 saw the building of the Rex Theater. L.N. Crim purchased
the Rex in 1932 and renamed it the Crim.

Masonic Lodge building.

St. Lukeís United Methodist Church.

Veteranís Memorial.

Equipment on display at the Veteranís Park.

Museum for the Rangerettes Drill Team.

Joe Roughneck bust in front of the East Texas Oil Museum.

Student walk over above Henderson Street.

Carol coming down the cross over.

All that we would have seen if we hadnít detoured into Shakespeareís Garden.

Display in the middle of the park.

Toperiary bear in the Park .

Bust of Shakespeare.

Wooden barber pool.

First Presbyterian Church.