Irving Volksmarching Event


Founders of Irving
J.O. Schulze and Otis Brown

Plaza in Centennial Park.

Helen working registration.

Carol, Pres. Colorado River Walkers

The fountain was turned off.

Waterfall in the Veteran's Memorial.

All branches have a statue.

God Bless America Eagle to the left. Flags behind.

Mosaic of Sam Houston on the floor in the Transit Center.

Abstract Art called "Marker Tree".

Headed toward the Whistle Stop Plaza Tower Clock.

Neon sign for old-fashioned diner says "since 1948".

We walked past the Musicians Museum.

Vintage Sign.

Second time past the old diner
we stopped in and found Elvis.

Caboose and Depot in Heritage Park.

Vintage water tower in Heritage Park.

In the residential area we found this nice garden.

Checkpoint volunteers.

Another entrance to the park.

Sign for Safety Town.

Safety town where little kids can learn about
traffic safety. The kids ride the miniature
streets on tricycles to learn how to be safe.

One of the bridges we crossed.

One of the bridges we crossed.

View upstream from the bridge.

Paved path along the creek.

The creek with the path showing to the right.

Flock of ducks and geese seeking shade in the trees along the path.

Once the library opened the walk registration moved inside to
the air conditioning. We got our books stamps and we were done.

Hand carved/whittled walking stick presented
to our retiring SW Regional Director.
Crafted by Gary Silkworth.