The walk started at the historic Onion Shed. The Onion Shed was restored in 2002 and is one of several such sheds in Farmersville. These sheds were built by the railroads for the packing and shipping of Collin County Sweets. The Collin County Sweets were mild onions, popular for their sweet flavor. In 1925 local farmers began planting onion crops and by 1935 Farmersville was known as the “Onion Capitol of North Texas.” The onion industry in Farmersville declined however as growers in south and west Texas developed onion varieties suitable for their soil and climate conditions. These new varieties were not as perishable as Collin County Sweets and were easier to ship so Farmersville lost its title to “Onion Capitol”.

Carole and Kitty working start table.

Confederate soldier memorial erected in 1917.

Carol and Freya, decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.

Heading out on the Audie Murphy Trail.

The beginning section of the trail is lined with pretty lights.

Another nice trail marker.

Keith headed back into town.

Ed crossing a bridge made of old railroad ties.

Jackie and Therese, our Checkpoint #1 volunteers .

Pava, Lesley, Diane, and Sheri are headed out to checkpoint.

Bonnie, Helen, Mackey, and Deborah.

Ingrid and David, from Irving.


Marilyn and Miranda.

Kathy and Les stopped to pet Freya.

Patch of clover (in honor of St. Patricks' Day).

Lots of homes were equipped with storm cellars.

Residential area has lots of big old homes.

Queen-Anne style home built in 1893. They extensively remodeled the house in
1910 in a Neoclassical style, adding a full second floor and two-story porch
with Doric columns and oblong balcony. (from Historical Marker).

House was built in 1865. In 1902, three peaked gables and a narrow porch
were replaced by an asymmetrical facade and new porch, and the northeast
bedrooms were extended. (from Historical Marker).

This Romanesque Revival structure, built in 1888-89, housed a second story
fraternal hall above a first floor mercantile. One of the oldest surviving
buildings in Farmersville, it features locally quarried limestone, narrow
double-hung windows, an arched second story window, and a corbelled pressed
metal parapet. Two Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of Texas were from the
local Masonic lodge, chartered in 1858. The lodge met here until 1966, and the
Farmersville Times newspaper has officed here since 1956.
(From Historical Marker).

Memorial to all branches of the military.

Audie Murphy marker.

Historical marker with wrong information.
Audie Murphy was only 16 when he enlisted in the army.

Another checkpoint location. Keith and Sally are coming on duty for 2nd shift.
Bill and Gary are getting off 1st shift.

WPA Mural in the Post Office.

This church building was constructed in 1900. A combination of several
architectural styles, the brick edifice is topped by a roof of pressed
metal. The exterior walls of the sanctuary form a multisided projection
flanked by matching towers with steeply pitched roofs. The bell from
the 1877 church was transferred to the north belfry. Educational buildings
were added in 1938 and 1955-56. (from Historical Marker).

Old Movie Theatre that sports the Audie Murphy movie posters.

Maggie (Plano Walkers club President) standing behind
AVA SW Regional Director, Joanne and her husband Carlen
at the finish table at the Onion Shed.