Dallas Event

We stopped at the Zoo McDonald's
for breakfast on the way in.

Walk Registration.

Marilyn, Bill, Miranda and her friend.

Waiting for friends.

Gingerbread House.

Granada Theater was built in 1946 as a movie house. In 1977
it was converted to a concert hall, only to revert to a movie
theatre soon after. In 2004 it was again opened as a concert hall.
Unity Church of Christianity.

A gluten-free, soy-free, all-natural and organic bakery.

Just some of the houses I liked along the walk route.


Huge spider with pumpkin for it’s head.

Another "BIG" sign.

Ten-foot-tall frog statues created by Bob “Daddy-O” Wade
in 1983. They’ve moved around over the years, but in 2014
they returned to their original spot.

Greenville Avenue in neon lights.

The munchkin house.

Robert E. Lee school.

Skillman Church of Christ.

Ed and I at the checkpoint.

Carol and Lesley.

WPA pavilion in the park.

Pretty Maple Tree.

Another pretty tree.

Finish Table.