Trinity Strand/Design District Event

Brooke and David working start table at Riverside Grill.

Volksmarchers on the trail behind us..

Nice mural on the side of a store that
sells “western” style home furnishing.

These guys are for sale, did not price them.

Another mural.

Paper White Narcissus blooming in January.
Nice building style.

Water fountain at entrance to Decorative Center.
Lots of art along the walk route.

One of several nice bath tubs for sale.

Bob working checkpoint. We all arrived at once.

Donna and Gary on the trail ahead of us.

Water wall at the entrance to International Mall.

A neon-outline Playboy bunny and car on a tilted slab. It appeared in Marfa, TX in May 2013, a lot of people hated it, and the bunny and car were hauled away in November. It reappeared in Dallas in April 2014 at the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum.

Very large flower pots with Variegated Yuccas.

Mosaic art.

Mosaic Flamingo.

We passed Song, Marilyn, Bill, and Miranda.

Nice lion with small ones carved in the base.

Volunteers at the finish table.