Dalhart Seasonal Event
Dallam County
Walked on 04/08/2015



Seen while driving to the walk start.

Another mural we noticed on the drive to the start.

Old movie theatre on the short loop we didn't walk.

Nice archway entrance to downtown.

Yard Art.

Nice Home.

Rolled edges on the roof.

View of a street we walked.

Walking on a main road to get to the park.

Don't see any water yet.

Carved wooden bear statue.

Scary yard art.

Another scary one.

This one is more peaceful (I think).

This is the best view we had of the lake.

A variety of trees.

Beautiful white bark on this tree.

St. Anthony's Catholic Church.

Big new home.

Nice design.

Back to the older homes.

Another nice one.

Dallam County Courthouse.

Historical Marker for the Courthouse.

The Sesquicentennial Monument was placed in 1986 to celebrate Texas’
sesquicentennial and the 50th anniversary of the XIT Rodeo and Reunion.

Memorial dedicated to those from this high school who gave their lives in WWII.

Dalhart native James R. Fox, Jr.

He was an American pilot who valiantly sacrificed his life in China
for the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. The Chinese
people will forever remember his name, James R. Fox, Jr.

Statue presented by President Jiang Zemin
The People’s Republic of China
October, 2002

XIT Museum.

MEMORIAL to the 305th Airdrome Squadron
Organized at Dalhart Army Air Base, April 1943.

Nice clock on other side of Courthouse.

Identical marker as that found on last two courthouse lawns.