Childress Seasonal Event
Childress County
Walked on 09/02/2015



Childress County has had three courthouses: 1887, 1891,
and the present one from 1939.

Childress Junior High circa 1926.

We walked through Fair Park.

Behind the auditorium is one of the Quanah Trail Arrows.

We circled the small lake.

We did a loop through the well maintained cemetery.

The walk then went back to the lake.
This bridge is a little off the walk route.

We could see the stadium in the distance.

School mascot is mosaic tiles.

Another version of the mascot in bronze.

Yard art.

One of the bigger homes.

Trinity Lutheran Church

Childress County Historical Museum.

Old hotel is closed.

Lodge Building.

We passed under the RR tracks.

Huge Church of Christ.

An old Train Engine on display.

Classic Movie Theatre no longer in use.

Presbyterian Church.

Childress City Hall

Old cars in shop window.

Back side of County Courthouse.

1936 County Marker on Courthouse Lawn.

One of two graves on courthouse lawn for K9 police dogs.

Eternal flame has gone out.

Part of the Veteranís Memorial on the Courthouse Lawn.