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Austin Art Event

Austin Art Event

Walk Registration at this church.

Ellen registering to walk.

Barrel Cactus.

Nice patio balcony.

First of many fancy gates.

Rock house.
Another nice gate.

Street art in Fairy Alley.

Wall art along the alley.

Admiring the house.

Clock gears on home of artist Suvi Aika.

Lovely steps.

Closeup of front porch.

Sunken house.

Interesting, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Purple Martin Sanctuary.
Houses closed until next spring.

Historical marker for house built in 1875.

The historic home.

Pillar gateposts look newer that the rock fence.

Rick at the checkpoint.

Siba and Carol at checkpoint. Volunteer
manning it has his back to the camera.

Nice bridge.

Park Policeman's memorial.

Umlauf Sculpture Park (doesn't open until noon).

Rose, Darlene and another volksmarcher headed back in.

Log Cabin (no plaque).

Award winning Pecan Tree.

National Youth Administration (WPA?)
marker on wall of sunken garden.

No plants in the sunken garden.

Bridge over Barton Creek.

Gravel path along condo fence.

Barton Creek Condo, Bldg #6.

Artistic old truck.

Back through the checkpoint.

Entrance to Sculpture Garden belonging
to David Stromeyer.

Carol posed for me.

Sculpture behind his home.

Another sculpture.

The Stromeyer House

Another nice gate.

This house is tiny from the front, but when
you get past it stretches back quite a ways.

Spanish style home.

Colorful front door.

Chandelier in the garden.

Whirly Gig.

Another nice rock house.

Stop sign with crochet leaves.

Interesting decorations.