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South Llano State Park YRE


The walk is in two loops. The first loop goes on the Buck Lake Trail.

Ed on the trail.

When you reach the river you have to turn.

Nice big trees, but some are damaged.

Lots of shade.

Another view of the river.

More nice shade.

Buck Lake.

Large bird tracks.
Compare to shoe print above.

Other prints besides bird.

I'm guessing these are Turkey Tracks since we saw wild turkeys earlier.

The second loop is on the Fawn Trail

Heading out on the second loop.


Dry creek crossing.

Steep climb.

View looking back where we came from.

Yeah a bench to rest on.

More benches further along.

Cactus about to bloom.

Fawn in the campground near finish.

Same fawn.

If you've got time, wading in the river is a great way to cool off after the walk!

Water is deep enough to swim if you bring a suit.

Strong current.