Seymour Event
Baylor County




The walk start was at Whiteside Museum of Natural History I took so many pictures there, I made a separate website for the pictures.

David working the walk start.

Texas County Walkers quilt on display.

107 year old church.

Carol and Ed at Park Entrance.

Display board about wildflowers.

View of the park trail.

Straying from the walk route.

View of creek from bridge.

Metal vulture guarding the gate.

Precious Moments Nativity.

Rock house.

Nice old car.

Two story brick.

Gazebo downtown.

Baylor County Courthouse.

1936 County Marker.

Wording on the monument.

Model of the old courthouse they tore down to build the one they have.

Mural inside the post office.

Horse bench outside a business.

City Municipal Building (Lights/Water).

Deborah working the finish table.