Shop for Books Volksmarch
San Marcos, TX

Volunteers at walk registration and start table.

Ed, Ronnie, Angela and Carol
Rooney leading the way.

Historic home.

Historic Marker for TVA Special Events Program.

Fountain, but the water's turned off.

Ed, Angela and Ronnie.

One of several groups of bluebonnets seen today.

Planter in the park.

Waterfall on the San Marcos River.

Gerald, Gary and Siba.

Carol at checkpoint.

Doug and Ellen.

Nice Mural.


Pretty flowers.

Volksmarchers going both ways.


Carlen, Carol and Carol.

Former Riverfront Café, closed.

San Marcos River is calm here.

One of a series of three falls.

Bike Route Marker.

Pedestrian bridge.
Not on walk route.

Black and White.

Children's playground mural.

Playground dragon.

Texas Wild Rice growing in the river.

Start and registration still busy when we finished up.