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World Walk Day
San Antonio, TX

Gerald and Heinz working registration.

Priscilla and Linda working start.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church.

Side of the church.

Inside the church.

Carol and Bonnie leading the way.
Ed and Orville coming along behind.

Bridge over the river.


Nice bench at entrance to Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk.

Waterfall caused by a dam.

Nice old building - empty I think.

Nice stairs.

Another look at the Riverwalk.

Checkpoint 1 volunteers.

Roadrunner at the checkpoint.

Entrance to La Villita.

One of several fountains in La Villita.

Little Church of La Villita.

Inside the church.

"Torch of Friendship" given to San Antonio by the Mexican Consulate in 2002.


Liberty Bell replica

Teresa and David looking at map of USA.

Martin and his new walking companion.

750-foot-tall "Tower of the Americas".

Nice mural and another view of the tower.

Samuel Gompers founder of the A.F. of L.

Another view of the Riverwalk.

River Center behind Carol.

Hilton Palacio del Rio
21-story example of modular construction.

Inside of St. Joseph's Church.

The church is right next to this building.

Front side of the building.
Empty now - it was a Dillards.

Inside the historic Menger Hotel.

Skylight in the Menger.

The Menger still has pay phones.

Orville, Carol, Ed, Bonnie, Teresa, and David.

Teddy Roosevelt display inside the Menger.

Another display at the Menger.

Ed and I in front of the Alamo.

Our group of Volksmarchers.

San Antonio Express-News
Founded in 1865.

Scottish Rite Cathedral.

Inside the Scottish Rite Cahtedral

Design on Cathedral floor.

First Presbyterian Church.

Texas Historical Marker. This walk
completes my special TVA event book.

Auditorium still under construction

St. Marks Episcopal Church where LBJ and Ladybird were married.

The AT&T building - now vacant.

Half the war memorial sculpture.

Other half of the Sculpture.

The Public Library.

Going inside library to visit the Chihuly glass sculpture.

"Fiesta Tower"

Information on the glasswork.

More art inside the libary.

Nice glasswork but not Chiluly.

Pretty bridge.

Pocket garden.

T.C. Frost, Texas Ranger and founder of Frost National Bank.

Phyllis, Pres. of Selma Pathfinders
with the Pathfinder's banner.

Fountain in Main Plaza.

Our Volksmarching group at the checkpoint.

San Fernando Cathedral

Plaque on the Cathedral

Remains of the Alamo heroes.


Inside of Cathedral.

San Antonio Road mile marker zero.

Moses Austin - first man to bring American settlers to Texas.

Bexar County Jail 1876-1926.
Now a Holiday Inn Express

Old Alameda Theatre.

Peek inside the theatre.

Santa Rosa School of Nursing.

Mural on Santa Rosa Children's Hospital

Ben Milam died at the Battle of Bexar.

Nice design.


Walking thru El Mercado Market.

Mariachi dancers.

Our Volksmarching group again.

AVA President Dennis Michele and AVA Executive Director Stephanie Sinclair
working the finish table at this event.