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Round Rock Year Round Event

Walked 05/24/2014

Sculpture outside BACA Center.

Center Entrance.

Scorpion hiding in the grass.

Cute turtle.

Sam Bass Historical Marker.

Sculpture in Plaza.
This one is "Crack the Whip".

Horn Toad.

Local physician.

Another sculpture.

Grass star in the plaza.

Praying Mantis

Nelson-Crier House.

Mural on garage door.

Cute scarecrow.

Well almost hidden by foliage.
Just a nice old house.

Another garage door mural.

Nicely carved front door.

Veteran's Memorial Park.

Waterfall on Brushy Creek at the Veteran's Memorial Park.

More of the waterfall.

Turtle out walking.

Cat and the Fiddle in front of Library.

Memorial to fallen fire fighters.

One of several historic buildings on Main Street.
Memorial to Submarine Crews.
Footbridge under I-35.

Carol and the wagon tracks.

Hard to believe pioneer wagons made those ruts.

The "Round Rock" the city was name for.

Bell indicates this is the lead
longhorn for the trail drive.
Pioneer mother.

Another waterfall on Brushy Creek.

Another historical marker.

One of the oldest buildings in Round Rock.

Nice buggy and Martin birdhouse.

Flowers with asparagus type leaves.

Huge rose bush.

Close-up of the rose.

Barker-Porter House circa 1870.

Blooming Century Plant.
Mimosa Tree.