Map of Counties Walked

Rockport (Aransas County) YRE Event



Walk Registration is at the Lighthouse Inn.

Walk starts at the Rockport Swimming Pool.

Nice sign to get you going in the right direction.

Tule Trail.

Tree with sharp bark - not really thorns.

Red berries on green bush backed up by orange grass.

Historical marker for the TVA Special Event Book.

Passing the Rockport Visitor's Center.

Aransas County Courthouse.

Nice home made into bed and breakfast.

Veteran's Memorial Park.

Headed into the historic downtown area.

Photo opportunity next to a store.

Palm tree stump carved into an elephant.

Art Deco pots.

Mural/store advertisement.

Nice homes along Water Street.

Seagulls lined up along a private pier.

Another nice home.

Water Street was once called "Old Beach Road".

White Pelicans out on a small island.

Carol went adventuring.

She took our picture as we walked out to join her.

I was able to get a closer picture of the pelicans.

Carol taking pictures.

View she was taking pictures of.

Foggy palm trees.

Pretty purple plant.

The sun managed to poke a small hole in the overcast sky.

Beautiful Norfolk Pine.

Headed back into downtown we notice murals on buildings we walked by.

Walking a route backwards you really do see other stuff.

As we approached the harbor they were feeding the gulls.

Detoured by the Art Museum.

Further along the fog got thicker.

The band shell across the water.

More of those berries.

Sculpture at Fulton Beach Road.