Duck Creek Event

Volunteers manning the start at Huffhines Rec Center.

Huffhines Creek.

Ed, Kerwin and Carol starting out.

Ducks on the creek.

Another section of creek.

Donna and Gary ahead of us on the trail.

People feeding the ducks, geese and seagulls.

More ducks and geese.

Bridge decorated for Christmas.

Becky and Brooke bundled up to keep warm while
working the morning shift at the checkpoint.

Members of the Plano Walking Club.

A foreign exchange student walking with Jim.

Gary and Heidi.

Nice decoration made from two 55 gal drums.

Helen and Bonnie.

Diane and Marilyn.

Bill and Charles worked the afternoon checkpoint.

Another cute Christmas decoration still out.

We strolled through this small park.

Over the bridge to the finish.

Finish Table volunteers.