Luling Volksmarching Event




Pat and Darlene working the registration table.

Walk stated at the Watermelon Pavilion.

Phyllis working the start.

Veteran's Memorial at the VFW Post.

Josey House circa 1888.

Helen and Deborah enjoying the walk.

A pretty house.

Eagle in front of the school gym.
Gym built by WPA.

Lizard guarding a mailbox.

Catholic Church.

Another nice house.

Huge Tree.

The pink Azalea is called a "Formosa". The pale lilac and pink multicolor is called "George Tabor"

Volksmarchers on the trail.

The Zedler Home.

Bridge to Zedler's Mill.

Pricilla working checkpoint at the Mill.

Cotton Wagon under the shed.

Old Steam Engine.

A loom.

View of the dam.

Some gears left from the water wheel.

A outhouse replica.

View looking at the Mill from across the river.

Ed and Carol at the overlook.

1920's Bath House

Another nice house.

Yuccas in bloom.
Another nice house.

Pretty trees with white bark.

Another nice house.

Another nice house.

Another nice house.

Ed and Carol on the Walk Route.

Looks like it might have been an old motel.

Reading the historical marker.

Church of Christ.

A fallen tree that grew crooked.

There were a lot of these pumping away in backyards.

Pretty Wisteria.

Bird Feeder.

Watermelon water tower.

Water tower and a really nice Live oak tree.

Field of Indian Paint Brushes with a few Blue Bonnets mixed in.

Carol with the flowers.

Carlen posed for me too.

Nice cemetery.

Zedler family plot.

Carol and Ed waiting for me to catch up.

Marker with an unusual shape.

Old building with mural and planter

Another field of Indian Paint Brushes.

Disappearing into the distance.

Downtown with old movie theatre.

Decorated oil pump in the park.

Historical marker for TVA special event credit.
Very nice mural.

The Watermelon store.

Advertisement for a cookoff.

Ed and I stuck our heads in the cutouts.

Pavilion for the watermelon seed spitting contest.

Joanne working the finish.