Email Me | 2004 Junction Event

Junction Year Round Event

First of many historical markers if you are collecting the TVA Special Event Credit.

Carol and Ed at the overflow dam.

First of several bridge pictures.

View of the river.

Sun coming up over the river.

Cabin in the park.

Cabin's historical marker.

Park entrance.

Bridge's historical marker.

Walking over the bridge.

Stopping to take in the view.

View from the bridge.

Bridge from another angle.

Entering Kimble County Park on the other side of the river.

Not sure what this was.

Historical marker on huge boulder.

Spanish cottage.

1936 County Marker.

War Memorial on courthouse lawn.

Kimble County Courthouse.

Another historical marker.

Huge Yellow Butterfly.

Interesting fence.

Junction's main street with old movie theatre.

Old County Jail

Watch out for the drivers.