Dallas Irish Streets Volksmarch

Volunteers manning the start outside the White Rock Sports Bar and Grill.

Standing around visiting while waiting for the signal we could start walking.

Carol and Cathy.
This is Cathy's first Volksmarch!

Interesting how this tree grew.

Nice house.
Rowing (Crew) team practice.

Christmas lights still up.
We passed this memorial.

House isn't for sale, the owner is!

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Sea Shell Fossils.

Oriental Sculptures.

St Patrick's Day flag.
Checkpoint volunteers.

Carol and Cathy with Helen's dogs.
Pretty bed of tulips.

Chinese lanterns and wind chime.

Nice landscaping.

Pansies with ornamental cabbage that died!

Cute face on climbing rock.

Another climbing rock.
Talking to people in the creek below.

Finish table volunteers

Deborah presenting me with walk coupons.
Prize for limerick writing contest.