Dallas Downtown Year Round Volksmarch

Historical Marker on Union Station where the walk starts.

Park across the street from the start.

The Old Dallas County Courthouse is now a museum.

View thru the museum front door. It wasn't open.

The other side of the building.

Carol pointed out its gargoyles.
Historic log cabin in the park.

Free advertisement for this western store.

Entrance to Dallas Aquarium.

Decoration on the wall of the aquarium.


Dick's Last Resort.


The walk passes the new Nature and Science Museum. We left the walk route and checked it out. Admission is $15.00, but the restrooms can be reached in the lobby.

Playing with the xylophone.

Ed with one of the "leap frogs".
The building entrance.

The whole pond of frogs.

Back on the walk route we circle this park.

Nice children's play area. Like the mist!

Dallas Federal Reserve.

St. Paul's Methodist Church.

Another #DallasBig

Pretty bed of flowers with Hibiscus.

I got so caught up in trying to get a picture of the church that we missed our turn. So when we finally realized and turned back, I caught the steeple reflected in a skyscraper. Once back on the walk route we passed the church for a great picture.

Here is the whole church.

Museum Tower Condos

Belo Mansion is home of the Dallas Bar Association.

The walk passes the entrance of Trammel Crow. We again strayed from the walk route and went in the gate. We didn't stop there.

Trammel Crow

One of three sweepers.
We passed this statue.

Went down some steps to see this one at the Asian Art Museum.

Another Foo Dog.

We went a little further off the walk route and spotted this mural.

We returned to the walk route and we could see this church steeple above some trees.

Walk route passed this church, I went into the courtyard to get some photographs.
Arch around the door looks a little strange.

Marker on the church.
The other side of the same church.

We continued off the walk route to this fountain.

Back on the walk route we came to the chapel in Thanksgiving Square. We walked up, but the chapel wasn't open.

Looking down at the fountain from the chapel entrance.

Statue is in front of a bank, but the Old Dallas High School is off behind her.

John William Carpenter.
They called this a flower, but I just can't see it.

Beautiful church
Ed in front of the Scottish Rite Cathedral.

The iconic flying red horse is back atop the building.
Carol in front of the "vertebrae" sculpture.

Following the trail drive.
View from the overlook.

The stepping stone creek crossing.
Cowboy on the bluff above.

Old Dallas Federal Reserve Building (1920-1993).
Adolphus Hotel at the end of the street.

Passing closer to the flying red horse.
Soap suds in the fountain.

Close-up of the carvings on the building.
Arriving back at Union Station to finish.