Inside the Visitor's Center.

Volunteers manning the start table.

Helen, Ed, and Deborah.

Visitor's Center is an old railroad depot.

Old railroad car next to the depot.

Historical marker about one of Corsicanafs founders.

Mural looks like Clint Eastwood to me.

Street closed for the display of the Christmas tree.

Nice old bank building.

Oil worker statue on street corner.

One of several old pianos decorating the downtown area.
I liked this one because of the old picture.

Great architecture.

Ed and the Christmas tree.

This statue was called gThe Sowerh.

Building dated 1857.

Christmas light pole decorations.

Fireman memorial. Inscriptions reads
"Dedicated to our Chief Rube Freeman 1859-1917".

Navarro County Courthouse Clock Tower. The courthouse
itself was encased in scaffolding for restoration.

Statue of Jose Antonio Navarro (1795-1871), located on the walkway to
the entrance of the courthouse. Navarro was a native Texan lawyer,
merchant, and rancher who founded Navarro County and co-created the
Republic of Texas.

The Call to Arms statue is of a Civil War bugler in uniform holding
a bugle to his mouth. It was erected on the courthouse lawn in 1907
by Navarro chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy.

A home with a historical marker, but I didn't cross the street to
read the marker.

Memorial on courthouse lawn to multiple wars.

Ed with the Vietnam bench and the Vietnam flag.

Names of Navarro county military who lost their lives for our freedom.

We saw the green area first then came to the name of the park later.

Park sign.

Tree dedicated to Dr. Bill Lagomarsino 1935-2006.

Old fire truck in children’s playground.

Ed on bridge on the hike/bike trail in the park.

Mermaid that marks the entrance to the water park.

We walked in Oakwood Cemetery.

Civil war historical marker about balloons used in the war.

Group of volksmarchers gathered around the historical marker.

Bridge in the cemetery.

Lefty Frizzell memorial statue.

William Orville “Lefty” Frizzell
March 31, 1928 – July 19, 1975).

Guitar in the sidewalk leading to the memorial.

Ed inside the Pioneer Village.

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Nice old home.

School Auditorium on the North side.

Wonderful artwork on the building.

School entrance in the middle.

Some more of the artwork.

School Gymnasium on the South end.

Back to the beautiful old homes.

First United Methodist Church, Gothic Architecture with
beautiful stained glass windows. Circa 1896.

The Beth-EL synagogue in Corsicana, TX is a magnificent and unique building
built by a Reform Jewish congregation 1898-1900. It is a wood frame building
with clapboard siding and keyhole windows in the front doors. A pair of
octagonal towers are topped by onion domes.

Historical marker that tells about the establishment of the Collin Street
Bakery which would become world famous for its fruitcakes.

We resisted the temptation. No fruitcake today.

Helen stamping books at the finish table.