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Corpus Christi, TX YRE

This walking tour of Corpus Christi starts at the Bayfront Plaza Hotel at 601 N. Water Street.

Texas Historical Marker for the TVA Program.

Nice front on the restaurant.

Nice brown pelican floating on the bay.

United States Courthouse right along the seawall.

Carol and Ed on the seawall.

Water Garden

Was it made this way or has it been vandalized?

One of several old homes.

Marker for Simon Guginheim's home circa 1900.

White Hawthorne bush.

Art near the Art Museum.

Water feature.

Ed took my picture with the fountain.

Nice buffalo with bay bridge behind it.

Carol and the buffalo.

The "Blue Ghost".

Marina from the bottom of the seawall.

Bronze pelicans.

Selina memorial.

Bronze sailfish.