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Carthage Volksmarching Event

Walk Registration - Helen, Vicki and Bonnie.

New county jail.

Nicely landscaped.

First of many Texas Historical Markers..

Walking in the Odd Fellows Cemetery

St. Andrews Methodist Church.

Sign for the first concrete sidewalk in Panola County.

Passing the old courthouse square.

Old Jailhouse (now museum).

Veteran's Memorial.

Clus established in 1907 still active today.

First female Texas Senator was from Carthage.

Carol, Ed, and Dave
Reading about the statue.

Ed joined the Senator.

Land for courthouse donated by Jonathan Anderson.

Info on the lady Senator.

Buildings bordering the square.

Old movie theatre.

Another church.

Hawthorne-Clabaugh-Patterson house.

Tex Ritter statue in front of
Texas County Music Hall of Fame.

Display inside the museum.

Display for Tex's son John. .

Carol, Dave, Rhonda (Museum Curator)and Ed.
Rhonda did a great job guiding us through the museum.

Yard full of bluebonnets

Carol, Dave and yard full of bluebonnets.

Another yard full of bluebonnets.

Another nice old home.

Gates built by the WPA.

Another pretty church.

Wonderful Azaleas.

Ed, I and the covered bridge.

Carol and the covered bridge.

Neighboring yard.

Easter Eggs.

Panola College.

Panola College Mascot - Ponies.