Brownfield Seasonal Event
Terry County
Walked on 10/08/14




Arrow at Chamber of Commerce.
Click here to find out more about these giant arrows.

Masonic Lodge.

Our first quilt piece find.

Mural on old Rialto Theatre.

Quilt piece not on the list.

Lots of wildflowers.

War Memorial on Courthouse Lawn.

Center star in war memorial.

Flame of Freedom no longer burns.

Terry County Courthouse.

Ed and Carol at entrance to Coleman Park.

Mural on bandstand in the park.

Pretty roses.

More pretty roses.

Quilt piece at Museum.

Another arrow, this one at museum.

1916 county jail.

Santa Fe Railroad Depot.

Blue Heron.

View of the lake.

Bridge over an inlet.

Geese and a fountain in the lake.

Boy and Girls Club.

Last quilt piece on the walk route.

If you have time after doing the walk there are more quilt pieces scattered around town. Here is an online list. Chamber List. This list is not completely up to date. We found two that weren't on the list. And didn't find one that is listed.

Wild Duck Quilt Piece.

Windmill Quilt Piece.

Arrowhead Quilt Piece.

Texas Star Quilt Piece.

Bar Claw Quilt Trail.

Mexican Star Quilt Piece.