Walk Start Entrance.

Hotel Chandelier.

Hotel lights.

The Heart of Amarillo.

Potter County Library.

Potter County Courthouse.

Statue hanging on the Shriner Temple.

Sidewalk in front of the "Make A Wish" foundation.

Newspaper Office

Madam Queen
Prior to diesels, this was the greatest of Santa Fe's locomotives.
Retired from service 1953, and given a permanent home here in 1957.

First of many horse sightings.

Santa Fe Depot now an art gallery.

Civic Center.

Carol and Ed admiring the artwork.

Just one of the tiles.

Rick Husband 1957 - 2003
Colonel, USAF, NASA Astronaut
Mission Commander of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry 02/01/03.
All seven astronauts aboard lost their lives.

An earth globe Kugel ball in Centennial Plaza.

Another horse.

Walking on historic Route 66.

Neat fence from bicycle wheels.
Created by Crystal.

Passed back by the hotel (walk start)

The theater opened in 1932, closed in the 1970's.
The theatre is now an office building.

Home office of the Santa Fe Railroad.

Bivens Home circa 1905.

Another horse.

Old First Baptist Church circa 1890.

Children statues between the two churches.

New Baptist Church circa 1929.

Church fountain.

United Methodist Church.

Another horse.

Homes in the Plemons Eakle Historic District.

Cute Sign

The garage is prettier than the house.

Interesting gate.

Garden with Dahlias.

Another horse

Civil War Memorial.

First Presbyterian Church.

Another Horse.

One last horse.