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Waring, TX Halloween Volksmarch
Big Joshua 11K Route

Ellen and Mike working Registration Table.

Walk started here at the Volunteer Fire Dept.

General Store.

Water pump in school yard.

My first Historical Marker for the TVA Special Event Book.

Arched windows in the church.

The whole church.

Heading out of town.

Dracula along the walk route.

Walkers headed both directions.

View of the hilly road we traveled.

Looks like we might get wet.

Cindy and ????
I was told his name but I forgot!

Kerrville Club Members.

Nice gate entrance.

Nice country roads.

These ladies are headed in.

Another view of the road traveled.

Big Joshua Creek.

There is a hint of cliffs between the trees.

There they are!

Mystery structure seen through the trees.

More cliffs along the creek.

More mystery structures.

10K Checkpoint sign.

Big Joshua looking left.

Big Joshua looking right.

Mable working checkpoint.

Retracing my steps this is a
view of the creek going back.


Butterflies flittering amongst the flowers.

My favorite view of Big Joshua Creek.

Clouds continue to look like rain.

Entrance to home.

Lots of open land.

Walker way ahead of me on the way in.

Finish is just over this hill?

This was not on the walk route.
Saw this when I was driving out of town.
Seemed so out of place!