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Violet Crown Community Volksmarch in Austin, TX


Some people credit the author, O. Henry, for the name Violet Crown. He used the name in a short story titled "Tictocq: The Great French Detective" . However, years earlier William Brann used the phrase “violet crown” to describe the color of the hills and sky to the west of Austin at sunset in his newspaper, The Iconoclast. When developers started trying to subdivide the area west of Austin they named their area "Violet Crown Community".

Walk Start location.

Registration Volunteers.

Shopping center built in 1951.
It was the first shopping center in Austin.

Nice architecture on the shopping center.


Note on directions said to
look for stone dog and candlestick.
Arroyo Seco is a divided street with the creek
(now dry) running down the divide.

View of Arroyo Seco.

Pampas Grass.

Faith Lutheran Church.

First Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Volksmarcher doing the labyrinth.

New home with tower.

Carol working checkpoint.

South end of "welcome wall".
Ed at the north end of the wall.

Click here to see all the wall. Not my video.

Blue bottles.

Pretty vine.

Finish table volunteers.