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lady bird lake year round event in austin

Lady Bird Lake YRE
Walked 03/30/2013

Ed, Angela and Ronnie holding Rooney's leash.

Austin skyline with dark clouds.

Amarillis behind the Palmer Events Center.

Fountain near Observation Hill.

Map on top of Observation Hill.

Checking out the dancing waters.
Ed, Ronnie and Rooney.

Does this qualify as a mural.

Bluebonnets growing on
Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge.

Angela and the Ghost Bike.

Landscaping along the trail.

The Wisteria Arbor along the river.

Too small to qualify for the mural program.

One of several swans we saw on the river.

A type of Yucca.

Angela, Ronnie and Ed.
The Philosophers' Rock.

Rooney getting a drink.

He was enjoying the swim.

Sweet Acacia Trees in bloom.

A closer look at the blooms.

More nice blooms along the trail.