2013 TVA Reunion Event

Cuero, Texas
Saturday, March 2

Waiting for the registration to begin.

Siba and Georgiane

Phyllis marking up maps.

Rock building built by the WPA.

1936 Art Deco marker.

Roy Benavidez Memorial.

Nice house with turret.

Looks like an original log cabin.
No marker.

Entry gate decorated with bird houses.

First of many nice old homes.

Looking back from the top of the hill in the cemetery.

View of the cemetery.

Back to the nice old homes.

First Bluebonnets I've spotted this year.

Built in 1895 this Victorian Home features leaded glass windows and metal "lace" trim. It has imported italian tile.

Completed in 1893 as his own residence by Robert Allert, brickmason.
Built in 1877 near Lindenau.
Dismantled and moved here in 1883.
Six original Fireplaces are still in use today.

Brian and Clay caught and passed us.

Checkpoint #1.

Couple from Sequin, Frank, and Clay.

Carol and friends.

Regina, who is visiting from Virginia.

Helen and Deborah.

Front of DeWitt County Courthouse.

Side view to see the clock tower.

Veteran's Memorial.
Brian, Clay and Bill.

First United Methodist Church.

St. Michael's Catholic Church

Steamship House
Originally built in Indianola
Moved to Cuero when hurricanes destroyed most of Indianola.

Priscilla working finish.