Historic Refugio Seasonal
Walked 03/01/2013




Patricia arrived shortly after we did and walked with us.

House behind the Museum.

Veteran's Memorial.

Fountain in Museum garden area.

Butterfly enjoying blooms of Mountain Laurel.

Section of the hospital built by the WPA.

Main gates were padlocked
There was a walk in gate nearby.

This cemetery was started when 16 soldiers were killed during the Texas revolution in 1836. The bones of Capt. King and his men were scattered over the prairie, the townspeople collected them and buried them here.
Lots of angels to choose from in this cemetery.

Denomination Unkown

Sign at the entrance to the nature trail.

Ed and Patricia

View of the creek.

Green Kingfisher Point

Our Lady of Refugio School Building.

Our Lady of Refugio Catholic Church.

The last mission to be established in Texas was Nuestra Señora del Refugio on Feb. 4, 1793 for the Karankawa Indians. The original site was in Calhoun county but it was moved twice because of hostile indian attacks. It’s last location is now the site of church of Our Lady of Refuge shown above. Nothing remains of the original mission buildings.

Refugio County Courthouse.

Art Deco design on courthouse
not seen because of trees.

First of many nice old homes.

Sculpture atop the memorial to Capt. King and his men.

1907 Building.

Site of the Home of Captain Ira Westover - Participator in the capture of Goliad, October 9, 1835. With 14 Texans under his command, he captured Fort Lipantitlan from 65 Mexicans, November 4, 1835. Member of the General Council of Texas, 1835, from Goliad municipality. With his company, raised in Refugio, a part of Fannin's troops at Goliad, he was massacred, March 27, 1836.

Mural technically not on the walk route.
We missed a turn and so passed this mural.

This longhorn bar-b-que pit is not on the correct walk route either.