Walkers heading out.

Windmill and overcast skies.

Vicki and Bonnie working registration.

Helen explaining the walk route.

Map along the trail.

Ed talking to walkers from San Antonio.

Small fountain in the lake.

Picnic tables beside the lake.

At first the trail is asphalt.

Swallow bird house.

Viewing area.

Trail is now gravel.

Pretty meadow.

Sign says "Don't feed the alligators".

Beaver Pond

Lovely area.

Fenced area is not a cemetery.

Brooke, Susan and another friend.

Nice Totem Pole.

Not many leaves left on the tree.

Another bridge.

Trail is now grassy.

Closeup red leaves.

Feral Hog trap.

Another view of the trail.

and another

Hogs have been rooting here.


White plants lined the trail.

Ed and two nice trees.

Historic marker #2 in my TVA Record Book.

Overlook from the walk start.