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Independence Volkssport Event

Walk start location was Texas Baptist Historical Center/Museum.

Walkers and workers at start.

Ed and other walkers starting out.

More walkers quickly followed.

Cottonwood against a blue sky.

Patricia and others entering Old Baylor Park.

Independence was originally called Coles' Settlement.

There was a crooked fence.

Ed on the porch of a dogtrot cabin.

Patricia and the old Baylor columns (replica)

Circle of rocks in a field?

Nope, toadstools.

Foundation ruins.

Nice view of the countryside.

Flag in Independence Cemetery.

Ruth (walking) and Bill (working CP#1).

Country road we traveled.

Another view of the walk route.

Mary working CP#2.


Halloween decoration.

Nice old home.

Bottle tree and windmill in the above home's yard.

Ranch entrance art.

Historical marker at Windmill Hill.

Entrance to Windmill Hill.

Bell Tower.

Yucca blooming.

What the campus used to look like.

Luekenmeyer Store built with stone from the college in 1939.