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Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens Event
Humble, TX

Walk start volunteers.

Another walk start volunteer.

Map signboard.

View of the trail.

Short section of boardwalk.

A Houston Happy Hiker.

Walker leaving the checkpoint.

Lousiana Iris

A view of the woods.



A short bridge.

We went from the woods to the Botanical Gardens.

Bottle Brush

Wild Azalea


Nice landscaping.

Arch leading to the "endangered plants" section.

A carved wood bird in the pond.

Tile design in the walkway.

Another Houston Happy Hiker

Bird Houses

Another Amaryllis

Nice fountain area.

Another Amaryllis.


Ed took my picture with the bluebonnets.

Vine covered archway.

Another water display.


Very nice wall.

Ed on the overlook.

Steps to the overlook.

Chatting with other volksmarchers.

Rock lined drainage.


Metal plants in the fishpond.

Captive turtle.

More metal flowers.

View of the botanical garden.

Another fountain.

Nice statue.


Climbing Roses.

A marsh area.

Black Elephant Ears.

Outside the garden we saw this double poppy on the way back to the woods.

A volksmarcher from Minnesota.

Bald Cypress Knees in the Cypress Swamp.

Carol was working checkpoint.

Another section of boardwalk.

Another Lousiana Iris.

Alec doing his first Volksmarch.