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Herman Park YRE
Houston, TX

Nice park at corner of Main and Holcomb.

Tiny Marigolds lined the sidewalk.

These were glowing with dew but the sparkles didn't come out on film.

Saw this while hunting for MacGregor Street.

Birds sunning at edge of pond.

Trail along edge of golf course.

Ed starting across a bridge in the trail.

Arch in background over trail gives an idea of how tall these trees are.

A Cypress reflection.

The rose garden is gone for now.

Sculpture outside the Museum of Natural History.

If you see these colorful pillars you missed your turn.

Workers atop the Miller Outdoor Theatre

Sign explaining while the area is fenced off.

Construction mandated a minor route change.

Pioneer Memorial Monument.

Reading about this sculpture.

Herman Park's tiny train trestle.

Circling the lake.

Elephant guarding Zoo back entrance.

Log cabin in the middle of sky scaper medical center.

Glimpse of Herman Hospital.

The old hospital entrance.

MacGregor Street has been renamed Cambridge.

Gravel path along Main Street.

Is this art?