Email Me | 2009 Pictures

Georgetown 10K

Masonic Lodge

Williamson County Courthouse.

Evans Bldg - 1802.

Another nice building 1884.

Confederate Monument on other side of courthouse.

Landscaping at New Courthouse Annex.

When we arrived at Blue Hole Park we took a break from Volksmarching to go letterboxing. There are five boxes with directions that start in Blue Hole Park. Of the five we only found two. There is a separate letterboxing website for pictures from those adventures. Now back to the Volksmarch.

Ducks at Blue Hole Park.

Ed walking on the dam.

Close up of Ed.

Took a minor sidetrip up and down these steps.

Water is still flowing.

The path not taken.

First of two bridges.

View of the paved trail.

Second bridge coming up.

Low water crossing.

Ducks and Geese upstream.

Looking downstream.

Gravel trail on this side.

Good place to hide a letterbox.

Vine covered pavilion.

Autumn leaves? More likely drought!

I don't remember a dog park.

Sidewalk along the dog park.

Entrance to the campus.

Kappa Alpha Order.

I first thought it was a church.

Other side of same building.
It is the administrative building.

Leaving the Campus.

Nice homes in the residential section of the walk.

Picket fence, cannas, and recessed balcony.

Steeple in the distance.

1st United Methodist Church.

Very nice.

And another nice one.

Small park.

Purple sage with lots of busy bees.

First Baptist Church.

Nice metal stairs.

Another pretty church.

Henry C. Matysek
County Sheriff 1954 - 1974.