We did a day trip to Fort Worth, Tx to do the Volksmarch which started at the Sheraton hotel in downtown. This is a photo album I created from pictures taken along the Volksmarching route.

Downtown Fort Worth Year Round Event

Tim, Ed and Kerwin

Entering the Water Garden.

Aerated Pool.

Main Water Display.

Descending steps to the Quiet Pool.

Cypress Tree knuckles.

Passing the quiet pool.

Old Texas and Pacific Depot.

Al Hayne Memorial.
1890 Spring Palace Fire.

Unusual skyscraper design.

Ceiling inside the T&P Depot.

US Postoffice.

Ceiling inside the Post Office.

Kerwin and Ed leaving the Postoffice.

Decoration on Postoffice.

Zipper Mural.

Catholic School.

Panther Sculpture.

Another unusal shaped building.

Bird taking refuge from the rain.

Decoration on the Fort Worth Club building.

Cutout Sculpture.

Tim, Kerwin & Ed.

Jungle Gym for kids or modern art?

Fireman Memorial.

Old Fire Bell.

Church off in the distance.

Masonic Temple completed in 1932.
Marker says that it is neo-classical
with art modern influences and features
upper story ionic columns.

Built in 1898, the Pullock-Capps house
is a wonderful example of Victorian style architecture.

Built in 1899, the Ball-Eddleman-McFarland house
is a wonderful example of Queen Anne architecture.

Looking down on the water display.

Looking directly at the water display.

Old Fire Station
Now a museum.

Angel playing trumpet on side of Bass Performance Hall.

Sundance Square construction fence.

JFK Memorial.

Old Santa Fe Depot.
Now part of UT-Arlington Campus.