Email Me | 2010 Joshua Park Event

Joshua Springs Park Volksmarch

Robert and Ellen

Joan heading out.

Ed at a new pavilion on the lake.

Heading across the low water crossing.

Tiny waterfall.

Tina and John

Another waterfall.

Looking back at where we started.

Our first hill.

Mabel working checkpoint #1.

Another small waterfall.

Mexican Hats along the fencerow.

Pretty thistle.

Our third "pocket pasture" that we walked around.

A large stand of purple grass. Aristida purpurea is a species of grass native
to North America which is known by the common name purple three-awn.

Another hill.

Still have a ways to go.

Pat and Darlene working Checkpoint #2.

Back on the park road.

Signboard about the birds.

Same waterfall we passed earlier. We are on the other side now.

Ed getting his book stamped at finish table.

Priscilla and Heinz working finish table.