Pictures from 2006

Old Wildlife Tunnel State Park YRE

Always have liked the Kerrville club's signs.

Judy, Pat and Patty at walk registration area.

Alamo Springs Cafe parking lot was walk start.

We met Mabel who was just finishing up.

Not far behind her was Robert and Mike.

Next we met Siba on her way in.

Nice gate entrance.
So sorry Diane, that this came out blurry. Hope to see you next week at the walk in SA and I will do better I promise!

Gerald, Linda, Suzanne and Audrey headed in.

Colorfully painted dead tree.

Mike and friends.

Small chapel.

Sign for a camping area.

Jan and Howard from New Braunfels overtook and passed us.

Cane Cholla?

Volunteers at 5K checkpoint.

Jay caught and passed us.

Mural on the side of the barn.

Hill country roads are curvy.

There is a 90 degree turn at the bottom of the hill.

As we topped the ridge we looked back at where we'd just walked.

Lots of dead trees due to drought, oak wilt or maybe a combination.

Another view of the hilly and curvy road we traveled.

Jim and Diane are the 10K checkpoint volunteers.

How to build your own home.
Second windmill we passed.

Only Llama that would pose for me.

Not sure if this is an art project or just a pile of junk.

Hospitable church allowed the walkers to use their facilities, which was greatly appreciated!

Inside the church.

Workers back at the start/finish.

Pat and Carol enjoying food at the Alamo Springs Cafe.

Patty and Rick enjoying lunch.