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Trails of Western Oaks Volksmarch in Austin, TX

Trails of Western Oaks

Stone pillars at entrance to Arbor Trails.

Nice gravel trail.

Busy street on this side.

Redbuds just starting to bloom.

Cactus pads are oblong instead of the usual round.

Flood water containment area.
Looks like a Trumpet vine but it wasn't a vine.

Another drainage area.

Helen (walking) and Mary (working checkpoint).

Large group of walkers approaching.

Oak Hill Rotary Trail.

Plaque for the Live Oak Tree.

Helen in the Live Oak Tree.

Entrance to Western Oaks Trail.

Robert and Gerald.

View of the trail.
Helen kissing the fish!

Dick Nicholas Park Trail.

Dirt path back to the Rotary Trail.

Walkers passed us.

Siba and Cookie on their way out.

Another view of the Rotary Trail

Helen on the cement bridge.

Volunteers stamping our books.

Phyllis just arriving to walk.