Winter Park, FL
AVA Convention Event

Catherine, another Texas Volksmarcher and Siba.

Nice fountain.

Baskets of Petunia on the light poles.

Brandy and Ed.


Peacocks on the manhole covers.

Veteran's Memorial

Pretty church.

Sculptures in the yard.

Same yard.

Large home.

Nice tower


Flamingo Bridge.

Flamingo canal.

More Begonias

Crane nesting in the trees.

First Checkpoint Volunteers.

Walkers and Spanish moss.

Old Alabama Hotel - 1876.

More Spanish moss.

Group of Volksmarchers


Vine covered wall.

Eagle on the gate entry.

Checkpoint #2 Volunteers

More volunteers.

Nice new building under construction.

Bottle tree.

Lady playing harp.


Another fountain.

Nice archway.

Indians for sale.

City hall.

St. Margaret Mary Church.

Gale Hall entrance.

Bonnie and Helen.

Canadian goose.

Golden Shrimp plants

Hannibal Square area.

Vine covered building.

Balloon dog.

Mural on building by lake.

Mable and Linda resting near finish.