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AVA Convention Event in Titusville, FL

Titusville, Fl
AVA Convention

Walk registration in the park pavilion.

Signboard info about the trail.

Starting out carrying raincoats.
We will need them shortly.

View of the trail.

Trail gave way to wide roadway.

Passing some water.

Another view of the roadway.

Sun hiding behind the rain clouds.

Linda and Gerald heading out
We were headed back in at this point.

Along the side of the roadway.

Comfort station.

View of the lake.


Back into the woods.

Ed and Brandy on the trail.
Base of trees ringed in moss.

Practicing our balance.

More velvet moss.

Another view of the trail.

Another board walk.

Another section of board walk.

Ed on another section of boardwalk.

Lots of tree roots.

Another view of the lake.

Trail and Spanish moss.

Pink fungus on the trees.

Leslie and Bob caught up and passed us.

A long section of boardwalk.

White water lilies.

Gator paradise.
Across the lake is the start/finish.

Liked this section of trail.

Phyllis on the way out.

Charlie, Dave and Robert caught and passed us too.

We passed Barbara and her friend.

Clay just heading out.

Dan and Jackie working the finish table.