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Tallahasee, FL Volksmarch

Church near the walk start.

Starting out on the Park
Avenue Chain of Parks.

Second block of the Chain of Parks.

Bougainvillea in street containers.

Mural on Adam's Street.
Sago Palm in front.

Old town Tallahassee.

Lily of the Nile.

Replica of the liberty bell.

New Capitol Building
Opened 1978.

Confederate Soldier's Memorial.

Old Capitol Bldg.
1845 with repeated renovations.

Old Glory on display.

Officer Down
Sculpture Michael Jernigan.

Mural inside new Capitol.

Another mural in capitol.

Looking down from the observation desk at the top of the capitol.

Artwork on display on the observation deck.

More artwork.

Another one I liked
There are lots more up there.

Looking down from the other side.

Looking down on Florida State University.

Waiting for the elevator.

Mural in the Senator's chamber.

Great Seal in the floor of the capitol.

Dolphin Fountain out front of the Capitol.

Ed and the dolphins.

Sumpreme Court across from the capitol.

Sculptures out front of the museum.

Episcopal University Center

One of the entrances to FSU

Dianthus with Day Lilies foliage .

More campus landscaping.

Cone Flowers and ornamental grass.

Integration Sculpture.

Sculptures in a fountain..

Another pretty fountain.

Francis Eppes
Grandson of Thomas Jefferson.

Passing cemetery on the way back to start.


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